Mark Seymour - Fullstack Web Developer

About Me

I am a Project Manager with 18 years experience in IT as a Technical Project Manager and Programmer with experience as a Business Analyst, Webmaster, Software Developer, and effective Business Partner. Creative solutions with a win-win approach have yielded many victories for dozens of lucrative projects. I am self-starting and self-managing, effective at cutting costs, delivering results, and developing unique solutions so that all parties, from team members to customers, are satisfied with the end product. I am eager to join a team to create something wonderful and meaningful that customers will love.

Experience in planning, designing, creating and managing numerous Web sites, applications, and reporting systems has provided me with a multi-faceted view, a broad knowledge base, and a full stack understanding of process creation, project design, and application development and management. I am a diverse communicator with the ability to interact with everyone from management to techies, business partners to customers, regardless of culture, beliefs, emotional state, point of view, age, or education level.